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“Active Dreaming” Expert, Robert Moss: Mysterious Realities

Robert Moss has been a dream traveler since doctors pronounced him clinically dead when he was three years old. Robert is the author of many books, including Conscious Dreaming, Dreamgates, and Sidewalk Oracles. He’s a bestselling novelist, poet, independent scholar, and the creator of Active Dreaming, a synthesis of dreamwork and shamanism. He leads creative […]


Forgiveness & Holding Loving Space

This came from my morning reading and letter to my inner being… I’m currently calling it my “Universal Manager.” This is intended as a goal-setting / manifesting exercise. However, I’m now focusing on fewer specific goals and just communicating to my Inner Being that whatever is for my highest good comes my way… because I […]


First blog post on the new site!

Hello! My wonderful friend and former partner, Chris Gaskin, helped me design this site. The previous site’s URL will likely be forwarded very soon. Thank you for your help, Chris! It’s a goal of mine to send out regular newsletters and blog posts so thank you for joining the community. You are invited to sign […]