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Psychic or Psychosis? with Courtney Carnrite

today we spoke with Courtney Carnrite from – we chatted about yoga, spirituality, psychic phenomena and the western-based psychiatric diagnosis of schizophrenia. We also spoke about mental health, depression, trauma and complimentary practices for mental health recovery. This episode is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

COURTNEY CARNRITE is the founder and creator of Vivid Holistics. She has studied many healing modalities and has developed herself as an interdisciplinary healer. She describes herself as an Intuitive Counsellor and Integrative Herbalist. In other words, she works with her clients where they are at and incorporates her knowledge to support them optimally. She has trained and been certified in Western Herbalism, Celtic Shamanism, 8 Limbed Ashtanga Yoga, Birth Doula, Flower Essences, Nutrition & Wellness.

She currently offers her services out of The Tarot Room on Granville Island.

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