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Forgiveness & Holding Loving Space

This came from my morning reading and letter to my inner being… I’m currently calling it my “Universal Manager.” This is intended as a goal-setting / manifesting exercise. However, I’m now focusing on fewer specific goals and just communicating to my Inner Being that whatever is for my highest good comes my way… because I trust that my highest good is so much better and more juicy and exciting than anything my little mind could conjure up. (yay!)

Cheers to your best life, your most loving life! Cheers to a life of service to the world, in whatever small or big ways are right for you… and the knowing that great happiness, success, wealth, peace and love all stem from meeting your highest good! xoxo love to you all! Thank you for being part of this community and raising the level of consciousness on the planet.

Here goes…

There seem to be two main, contrasting schools of thought when it comes to the topic of forgiveness.

Forgiving is really for the person who feels offended… the forgiver. It’s a way to release resentment, anger and hurt.

Some say that to “forgive,” though, implies that one person has done wrong. Some say forgiveness implies one is right and just and the other is wrong and bad.

Today, my new understanding of forgiveness stems from the words of Catherine Ponder: forgive = give for.

The way I interpret that is to “give (space) for.” From now on, when I do my daily “forgiveness” practice, I’m instead using the words “I give space for.” I give space for you to be who you are, whether your life choices feel “right” to me or not. I give space for others to find their own path and their own highest good.I give space for everyone to hold space and love in their hearts for all beings on this planet.

We don’t have to agree with the choices, opinions, and actions of other people. When we hold space for them to be who they are, without judgement, they no longer have to defend their choices to us… and that leaves space for a new perspective. And because I’m holding space, their new perspective doesn’t have to be the same as mine. I need only hold space, acceptance and love for them.

Holding space also means giving space, to ourselves and others. If a person wants to argue and defend their position, I can also hold space by physically moving away to take care of myself.

Holding space does not mean subjecting oneself to abuse, anger, outrage. It does not mean engaging in debate with a person whose goal is to be “right” and make the other “wrong.”

Holding space means to accept personal responsibility for our part of any situation. It means to respect oneself and others, without attachment to consensus or agreement.

May the suffering on this planet serve to awaken compassion. XO

If you’re curious to know more about the writing practice, check out this interview with May McCarthy



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