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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Keep the Passion Alive & Have the Happiest Relationship – Interview #254 w/ Dr. Stan Tatkin

Use the time stamps to jump to your favourite questions: 1:46 – introductions between boyfriend and Dr. Stan Tatkin 3:53 – what does “secure functioning” mean? 5:35 – one of the most important factors in maintaining a “couple bubble” is not threatening the relationship / talking about breaking up. But what about if you’re dating […]


Dating Q & A – Episode 1 – Why I Think I Know What I’m Talking About & Should She Ditch the Guy?

Alison Armstrong’s books: Stan Tatkin’s books: Disclaimer: these videos are my personal opinion and should not be taken as professional advice. Please do not make major life decisions based on the opinion of people on the internet. Please consult a professional if you’re not able to make effective decisions in areas such as […]


How to Date Successfully – Dating Tips from a Matchmaker for Millionaires & CEOs

Check the timestamps to jump ahead to your favourite questions! For more info on today’s guest, visit <a href="http://” > 1:01 – Why are you a matchmaker? How did you get into the business? 1:42 – Vancouver has a bad reputation for dating – it’s like a supermodel 2:43 – how to handle it […]