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How to be happy! Screw Finding Your Passion – It’s Within You – Ep #253

Check the timestamps to jump to your favourite questions! We interview Susanna Halonen about happiness & passion

0:15 – interview starts
1:10 – What is a “Happyologist?”
2:00 – how did you go from the corporate world to becoming a “Happyologist?”
6:05 – what does passion mean to you?
9:29 – what do you tell people who have lots of talents and very little focus?
11:32 – Susanna lists the 5 passion keys – 1. understanding authentic self & values
14:25 – 3. Learning and growth
15:10 – 4. Connecting with your tribe
19:15 – does hanging out with “like-minded” people result in a narrow world view?
20:20 – 5. using your strengths
22:07 – how to be more self-aware about your strengths & talents
25:45 – surveys & tests to discover your strengths & values
27:33 – what exactly is “positive psychology?”
29:43 – we discuss her qualifications as a psychologist & coach
31:03 – the difference between general psychology & positive psychology
32:11 – how similar is your book to your coaching sessions?
34:20 – how do you come up with the exercises in your book?
35:40 – one of Susanna’s favourite exercises from the book
40:00 – where the title “Screw Finding Your Passion” came from
40:37 – what advice would you give a person who is feeling really stuck, in a job they don’t like?
43:27 – how are passion and freedom connected?
46:19 – Susanna talks about creating your own reality & her recommendation on the first exercise to start with & a bit about re-wiring your brain
49:50 – Chris talks about using your strengths

For more info on the resources mentioned in this interview:
Screw Finding Your Passion:

The Happiness Advantage:

Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience:

Susanna Halonen is the founder of Happyologist®, a life coaching business focused on helping you live your most fulfilling, successful life. She is an accredited life coach, a positive psychology practitioner and a published researcher. She is also the author of Screw Finding Your Passion: It’s Within You, Let’s Unlock It and an online columnist for Huffington Post, Psychology Today and Psychologies magazine Life Labs. She has held keynote talks at numerous conferences including three TEDx events.

Before Happyologist® she worked for Sony managing anything from product launches to sustainability projects to employee engagement initiatives and more. Whatever she was doing, she was always looking for ways to inject positivity and passion into her team and the people around her.

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