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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Life, Love and Happiness with Christian Butzek

Today we have a heart-to-heart chat with personal growth seeker and real estate agent, Christian Butzek, about his journey to love as well as mine.


Save Your Relationship in 5 Minutes! – 5 Min Relationship Repair

Check below to jump to your favourite questions with time stamps. Five Minute Relationship Repair with John Grey and Susan Campbell Here’s a live couple’s therapy session 1:11 – The biggest need in many relationships is how to deal when one or both of you get “triggered” 2:25 – one person gets triggered and […]


(How to Overcome Abandonment) Healing Self-Sabotage & Abandonment – Taming Your Outer Child

Jump ahead to your favorite questions with time stamps below. Taming Your Outer Child: Overcoming Self-Sabotage & Healing from Abandonment. 5:00 – everyone has felt abandoned or rejected at some point. What’s the difference between that and having “abandonment issues?” 7:32 -inner child & how fear can incubate over time 9:49 – how life, itself, […]