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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Why is texting so dangerous in relationships?

Get Wired for Dating: Get Your Brain on Love: Get Wired for Love: This is a clip from an interview with Dr. Stan Tatkin, creator of the Psychobiological Approach to Couple Therapy (PACT) – for the full interview visit – for more info on his work <a href="http://” >


deepen your romantic bond – stop relationship drama – Dr. Stan Tatkin – Interview #75

Check below to jump to your favourite questions with time stamps. 1:48 – What is a “psycho-biological” approach to couple therapy? 2:55 – what is a first session with a PACT therapist like? 6:20 – one listener asked “how many hours of therapy would it take to notice a difference in relationship?” 7:48 – love […]


How to Get What You Need from a Relationship- Sex Educator Wendy Newman – dating & relationships

For Wendy’s Dating 101 class, visit This is an interview from January, 2015 on Sexy in Vancity Radio so it’s a bit more risque than my normal interviews. Wendy discusses sexuality, phone sex, what to consider before sleeping with a man, asking for what you need, appreciation, body image and how men and women […]


Living a Whole-Hearted Life! Hugs, love, compliments, energy & happiness!

Master coach Susyn Reeve discusses her latest book, The Whole-hearted Life – big changes and greater happiness week by week. On this episode of Synchronicity, we discuss hugs, getting and giving more love, giving compliments, following your feelings and your gut, giving yourself credit and praise for the small things you are already accomplishing each […]