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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Basic EFT / Tapping Sequence (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Here are the basic and most common EFT tapping points. There are other points you can use but these are the most important tapping points for Emotional Freedom Technique


How to Pick Your Yoga Practice – Interview w/ Meagan McCrary

Meagan McCrary discusses her book and some of the most popular forms of yoga. Also discussed is: yoga studio classes vs home practice, what’s the difference between yoga and stretching, how to choose a yoga teacher, some of the history of yoga, stress, adrenaline, alignment, stability, tension, clearing emotions from your body, general health, chiropractic […]


How to Date More Effectively – Love, relationships, marriage interview w/ Wendy Newman from PAX

For Wendy’s Dating 101 class visit Wendy Newman has interviewed THOUSANDS of men on love, relationships, sex and women. She has led over 100 workshops on sex and relationships in the US and Canada and she is the author of 101 First Dates. On today’s show we discussed setting boundaries, online dating, what to […]


How to train your brain to be happy & successful – Dr Joe Dispenza – Interview #50 – neuroplasticity

Jump ahead to your favourite questions with time stamps below. If you love this interview, you’ll get more practical tips on changing your brain here: 3:12 – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself… what is it about ourselves that we need to break out of? 4:00 – memorized behaviours influence who we are 4:53 […]


Organizing Your Life – interview w/ coach Jennifer Louden

Jennifer Louden helped start the self-care movement with her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book. She has written five other books, created a vibrant online community, led hundreds of retreats and online courses and spoken around the world, all in service to helping women create gorgeous lives they love. You can find more about her […]